Packing and Storage

White Brothers can cater for packing, temporary or long term storage, and warehousing facilities, which include a customs approved bonded area, for domestic or transshipment cargo, as well as a limited area of office space. This is all protected by fire and security alarms and CCTV system.

White Brothers Ltd provides its customers with storage and warehousing facilities. We cater for companies with the need for warehousing space for their imports/exports/transshipments, as well as office space. This is extremely useful when storage space is restricted as it eliminates the headache of stores which are out of the way and in remote areas. Our warehouse is always accompanied and protected with fire and burglar alarms as well as CCTV systems. A customs approved bonded warehouse is also available for temporary storage and transshipped cargo.

Packing is a compliment for storage and we can offer wooden cases/crates as well as, vacuum-packing or normal packing for machinery being exported. Vacuum-packing together with silica-gel reduces the atmospheric oxygen preventing rust and corrosion until equipment reaches its destination. Fumigation or heat treatment is a supplementary service to packing since this has become a must when exporting wooden crates/cases. This is done to International standards with all necessary certification from competent authorities.