Heavy Lifts

Handling and transporting such loads is rather complex and presents a challenge which can only be achieved by optimum planning and co-ordination between all parties in the transport process. It includes detailed preparation by way of route planning, permits and escorts, provision of adequate equipment etc.

Successfully executed jobs include the handling of 85 Ton transformers, 30 ton connection platforms for oil pipelines, printing machinery, 93 ton boilers, air handlers, 67 ton reels, tanks, generators and even relocation of whole plants.

White Brothers have been also involved in the lifting operations for erection on site, at times even working with two cranes in tandem. Not an easy feat when considering the limited space on some sites and the abnormal weight and dimensions of certain items handled.

A rather intricate job was the relocation of a large printing press from an extremely old building in Valletta capital city to new, modern premises in an industrial area. The old building was never meant to take the huge machinery which had been gradually added over the years and located in every crook and cranny. This rendered the dismantling and shifting of the equipment very complicated. Moreover it had to be achieved within a very tight schedule and without any down time for the press operations.