2018 June: Mater Dei Hospital Chillers

Handling, delivery, lifting and assisting in the assembly of 14 new Trane Chillers at Mater Dei Hospital, commissioned by one of the leading local suppliers of cooling and refrigeration equipment in Malta. This is the feedback we received:

“I think it is opportune to share this with you and your people. Thanks for making such a tough job look so easy. Kindly share with all the people who made this happen. On behalf of my colleagues we thank you once again and look forward to working with you to deliver the second phase of the project.

I had people coming to my office this morning saying that they were positively impressed by the well-coordinated tasks carried out and it shows that the project was well planned to the finest detail. Managing a considerable amount of people in such a tight place is never easy and since I have been there on various days I could see that coordination of trades and professional attitude of people on the job was excellent. A big well done to all.”


Video courtesy of TVM.